Transform your nutrition

With expert guidance before and after upper gastro-intestinal and bariatric surgery.
Take the right nutrition steps to improve nutrient adequacy for better health and well-being.

Step 1:
Transform your nutrition with the right amount of protein

Every day our body uses protein to keep all our cells in tip top shape. Protein keeps our muscles strong and this includes our heart and lungs. It’s an important part of our blood, skin, hormones and enzymes. So when you are not eating very much, eat protein first and use special high protein products to reach your daily protein target.

Calculate your recommended daily protein intake

protein calculator

Calculation method based on expert opinion (Gibson et al. 2016).

Shine Dietetics offers expert nutrition education for patients and other clinicians.

Nutrition education is tailored to those requiring upper gastro-intestinal and bariatric surgery. Education is delivered either through in person consultation, online downloadable resources (Ebooks and fact sheets), professional education (webinars, lunchtime updates, and workshops) and posted updates about the latest research and news.

Get to know Dr Cathy Harbury

In year 10, I read a career handbook to learn that a dietitian is a scientist who likes working with food and people. My first thought was DREAM JOB! I’m pleased to say that after 30 years as a dietitian I still feel this way.

It’s very rewarding to see my patients improve their health with a little extra nutrition knowledge and guidance. Lots of my patients value my expertise and attend regularly over many years. This sees small changes accumulate over time to make a significant difference to their health and well-being. This has inspired me to use my skills to reach more people.

So now I’m dedicating effort to improve access to high quality, affordable nutrition information for those having upper gastro-intestinal and bariatric surgery.

It’s super exciting realising my vision with this website. So I invite you to explore my website and creations. Each nutrition resource is intended to improve knowledge and skills to increase diet quality for better health and well-being.


Each resource has only been possible due to the incredible support and collaboration of some of my super talented colleagues. I like to thank them for embracing my vision. Thanks Mel Shaw (nee Harding), Eddie Cross, Katherine Brain, Grace Perrot, and Roberta Asher. Note, ordered by who I met first, a bit like an ingredients list.

Nutrition expertise to grow understanding and confidence about what to eat, when and why.

In person consultation to tailor medical nutrition therapy to your health and lifestyle needs based on a comprehensive nutrition assessment. This is why initial consultations are scheduled for 60 minutes.

Be provided with no nonsense nutrition resources that are easy to understand. All guidance is tailored to your needs to help you achieve your best.

Lots of practical ideas to help navigate the humps and bumps that crop up along your nutrition journey.

A guiding hand that keeps your nutrition journey navigating in the right direction to stay on track for a healthier life.

Advice that is easy to access, anytime, anywhere.

Become more confident about what to buy, prepare and eat for a healthier you.

Lived Experiences


Claudia Tolhurst

I’ve struggled with obesity for most of my adult life. It wasn’t always that way though. I was actually very active as a young adult, playing netball 2-3 times a week and enjoying the gym a couple of times. Things I loved doing when my body was able to do them. A knee injury put a halt to my netball life and everything else spiralled out of control from there until one day I woke up and realised I was morbidly obese and very inactive. The decision to have surgery was by no means an easy one. In fact, the anxiety around that decision almost stopped me from making it.



Yes, Cathy is happy to share her expertise with anyone living with bariatric surgery. Or even those of higher weight who are not considering surgical treatment.
Yes, increasing nutrition knowledge and practical support to improve eating patterns is important for overall health. So yes, you are welcome to learn more even if surgery is not on your radar.

No, a doctor’s referral is not required.

Although Cathy does encourage her patients to check with their doctor if they are eligible for an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plan. This is particularly useful for those who do not have private health insurance or their insurer does provide a rebate for seeing a dietitian.

With an EPC plan Medicare will pay $56 towards the cost of 5 appointments each year. This makes regular attendance more affordable.

Some patients may be eligible for 20 visits rebated by Medicare each year. Those who are indigenous or meet criteria for disorder eating. Note: disorder eating criteria is not weight based.

It costs $140 for the initial 60 min appointment.

Follow up visits cost $85 for a 30 min appointment.

The cost will be less for those with private health insurance that includes dietetics or those with an EPC plan from their GP.

Want to refer a patient to Dr Cathy Harbury?

Cathy’s dietetic expertise lies in her ability to engage with higher weight individuals to support compassionate self-care. She combines this skill will a wealth of bariatric surgery knowledge accumulated over 15 years.

Consultation time is taken to understand an individual’s health and well-being goals. She works to address gaps in nutrition knowledge and guide change using an evidenced-based approach. Realistic and practical ideas are always provided.

She consults Mondays, Wednesdays and some Fridays (9am to 5 pm).

Her rooms are located within Surgery Central, Gateshead

She provides bariatric surgery support to many of Dr Costa Karihaloo’s patients, and those of other surgeons.

Patients are welcome to book their own appointment on 02 4947 8177.

Her preference is for face-to-face consultation, but she understands this is not possible for everyone, every time. Telehealth appointments are then an option.

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans are encouraged to decrease the cost of regular attendance.

EPC documentation can be email to admin@surgerycentral.com.au